Redeem oneTokens for exactly $1
Each oneToken (ie, oneBTC) can be redeemed for exactly 1 USDC (or other USD hard pegged stablecoin in the Collateral Reserve), less a redemption fee. A oneToken redemption can only come from the Collateral Reserve. The cryptocurrency paid to mint isn't repaid to any token holder by the system. Instead, it remains in a Community Treasury and each oneToken is a vote in deciding how to manage the community treasury.

Follow these steps to redeem ICHI stablecoins

1.Go to to see the Minter in Figure 1.
2. Connect your Ethereum Wallet. If you are new to Ethereum, go here to learn about Ethereum wallets:
3. Click Redeem
4. Choose a stablecoin to redeem
5. Enter an amount to redeem
6. Click Redeem to Redeem to USDC
7. Sign the transaction in your Ethereum wallet