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ICHI Concepts
Keywords used in the ICHI ecosystem
Governance token of the ICHI community.
A representation of the share of staked ICHI. The value of xICHI will increase in terms of ICHI as additional ICHI is paid to the xICHI contract.
ICHI Governance
Overarching governance of the ICHI system. ICHI uses community voting. Voters (ICHI holders) make decisions based on Proposals which then instruct multiple signers to use a multisig to act as governance. In the contracts, governance is implemented as a single signer. ICHI Governance also has the ability to set boundaries for oneTokens.
Decentralized Monetary Authority (DMA)
Enabled through innovations in smart contracts and AMMs, DMAs provide any community with a set of audited contracts that allow them to manage their own stable currency in the same way a central bank manages the currency of a country. Through the separation of smart contract deployments and token issuance DMAs put both issuance and governance rights directly in the hands of community members.
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