ICHI Docs V2
How to create a proposal to enact changes within the ICHI community
Proposal submission and voting happen on ICHI's Snapshot. You can view previous proposals, see voting statistics, and vote on open proposals.

Creating a Proposal

Phase 1

Create a Google Doc with detailed proposal including: idea, reasoning for proposal, how this will benefit the ICHI community, possible risks. Once created, post the Google Docs link (enabling comments by community members) to the ICHI Telegram and Discord groups in a message labelled "New Community Proposal: <Google Docs link>".

Phase 2

Discuss with the ICHI community on Telegram and Discord to see if a presentation is needed on a community call. Community calls are an open forum to present and discuss proposals.

Phase 3

Once approved post your proposal will be posted by one of the ICHI Core team members to ICHI's Snapshot for a vote.
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