ICHI Community Tenets

(until we learn better ones)
  1. Every crypto community deserves an in-house stable currency.

  2. Voting power derived from ICHI governs ICHI.

  3. Only a member coin's community governs its treasury.

  4. ICHI earns in proportion to the growth of community treasuries.


1.What are community tenets?

Tenets are the fundamental values that underly every action, decision or move the community makes. Any community member may propose a change to a tenet. After rigorous debate, the community may vote to change, add, or remove a tenet. Over time, we will learn better tenets.

2. What is a member coin? What are the current member coins?

A member coin is a token or cryptocurrency with its own ICHI stablecoin. The current member coins are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Chainlink (LINK). The corresponding stablecoins are oneBTC, oneETH, and oneLINK.

3. How are member coins selected by the ICHI community?

A new member stablecoin is added whenever the ICHI community votes on and passes a proposal to create a new stablecoin for that coin.