Where to get ICHI?

You may swap ETH for ICHI on Sushiswap or 1inch:

ICHI-ETH (Sushiswap.fi): https://sushiswap.fi/pair/0x9cd028b1287803250b1e226f0180eb725428d069

ICHI-ETH (1inch, compatible with more wallets): https://1inch.exchange/#/ETH/ICHI

It is best to mint ICHI stablecoins, but you need to acquire the assets necessary for minting. You mint stablecoins with USDC and (wBTC, ETH, or LINK). You can check various decentralized exchanges and asset pairs on 1inch to get the best price on these assets:

USDC-ETH: https://1inch.exchange/#/USDC/ETH

wBTC-ETH: https://1inch.exchange/#/ETH/WBTC

LINK-ETH: https://1inch.exchange/#/ETH/LINK

1.What about centralized exchange listings?

Whitebit.com has listed ICHI.

2. When will ICHI be listed on XYZ exchange?

There is no team or specific person you can count on for exchange listings or liquidity. Listing proposals may be submitted by an ICHI community member at any time and voted on by the ICHI community.