ICHI Reward Allocation

ICHI rewards are allocated between pools based on proportional non-ICHI liquidity and proportional minted oneTokens.

Reward Allocation for Stablecoin Pools

50% of ICHI rewards go to stablecoin pools. These rewards are allocated based on proportion of minted oneTokens.

Reward Allocation of ICHI pools

50% of ICHI rewards go to ICHI liquidity pools. These rewards are allocated based on proportional non-ICHI liquidity.

Schedule of Changes

Here is the process of making changes in rewards:

  1. Initial Eligibility: when a compatible pool contains $20k of non-ICHI liquidity or $20k in ICHI stablecoins it is eligible for rewards and will be allocated the minimum amount possible.

  2. Reward Adjustment Process: A measurement week runs from Monday to Sunday. On Monday after a measurement week, a new reward schedule will be posted with the changes scheduled to go live 48 hours later.

Downside Protection: A specific pool’s reward rate may only adjust down a max of 5% at a time. For example, if the reward rate is 0.2 ICHI per block, the new reward rate may not be lower than 0.19 ICHI per block. Scheduled halving events or other community votes are exceptions to this rule.

Latest Allocations