Treasury Governance

Management of oneToken Treasuries

Managing the oneToken Treasury is a unique capability ICHI provides for its oneToken users. oneToken Governance can manage funds for both Collateral Reserve and the Community Treasury. This can be enabled for any oneToken community. Treasury management operations include:

  1. Exchanging one type of token in the Community Treasury for another

  2. Allocating project tokens in the Community Treasury in Staking and Farming operations

  3. Allocating project tokens and other non-collateral assets across a variety of whitelisted DeFi opportunities

  4. Allocating Collateral Assets in principle preserving, whitelisted opportunities across DeFi

This is flexible. In essence, this means that the oneToken Vault (holding both the Collateral Reserve and the Community Treasury) can do almost anything an EOA can do. By extension, that means participation in any third party DeFi protocols is completely possible as oneToken Governance sees fit from time to time. These actions can be automated through the implementation of Strategies.