Providing liquidity to ichi.farm or minting stable coins on ichi.farm is not without risks. Before making a deposit, please understand that the software is currently in alpha - the codebase can be found on GitHub. Please don’t supply your life savings, or assets you can’t afford to lose, to ichi.farm.


The first audit of ichi.farm smart contracts was conducted by Bramah Systems. Additional audits are underway. But no audit can guarantee no bugs or vulnerabilities whatsoever.


When minting ichi.farm stable coins, you are exposed to many risks:

Liquidity Provision

When providing liquidity to the ichi.farm exchange, you are exposed to many risks:

Farming and Bumper Crops

When staking liquidity pool tokens to get ICHI, the ichi.farm governance token, you are exposed to many risks:

  • Smart contract issues

  • Market, trading, liquidity, and exchange risks

  • The bumper crop distribution mechanism is a novel concept and especially prone to bugs or issues with Ethereum